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Infrared thermal imaging photo basement light


Discover unparalleled expertise with us, your trusted Residential Home Inspection partner. We're your dedicated Professional Infrared Inspectors, offering Certified Infrared Property Inspection services that set us apart from other companies.

Unveil hidden truths through our advanced Infrared Inspection solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Our cutting-edge thermal imaging technology detects imperceptible electrical, mechanical, and energy-related anomalies, preventing potential hazards and expenses.

Count on our seasoned technicians for tailored, high-quality inspection services. Safeguard your investments with us - where safety and efficiency converge seamlessly.

Infrared Certified Inspector
infrared certified thermography inspector


I am your dedicated Professional Infrared Inspector, certified and skilled in using cutting-edge IR technology. My infrared camera uncovers hidden problems, from energy inefficiencies to moisture intrusion and electrical hazards. Count on us for thorough and Certified Infrared Property Inspections.


When homeowners need insights into water stains on their ceilings, they turn to us for expert assistance. Our proficiency in residential home inspection and infrared technology allows us to uncover the origins of water issues effectively. By combining the power of thermography with advanced moisture metering, we can confirm the presence of water seepage through the ceiling.

Exploring the attic space above the ceiling, our dedicated team examines various potential sources of the problem. From identifying roof leaks to pinpointing condensation on HVAC ducts or hidden pipe leaks, we leave no stone unturned. It's important to note that while our thermal imaging camera provides valuable indications, it's part of a comprehensive diagnostic approach. The camera contributes essential data that, when integrated with other information, eventually leads to the precise identification of defects.

We understand that a thermal imaging camera isn't a magical solution—it's a powerful tool. Our expertise lies in our in-depth understanding of how this tool functions and how to utilize it effectively. We're proud to be certified by InterNACHI®, which equips us with the skills to wield an infrared camera with precision.

Our comprehensive training encompasses various aspects of building science, including hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. This knowledge is vital for leveraging thermal imaging accurately. Mastery of the physics behind thermal imaging, coupled with our familiarity with thermal imaging equipment and its applications, sets us apart. Our experience with real-world case histories further enriches our expertise.

Thermal (infrared) imaging hinges on detecting temperature disparities in objects. This technique involves utilizing infrared-detecting devices to evaluate the building envelope, uncovering thermal patterns indicative of energy loss, latent moisture, electrical irregularities, or structural flaws.

Instead of merely observing shapes and colors, our infrared camera enables us to visualize heat variations. This proficiency demands not only possession of the camera itself but also a deep understanding of its nuances. Just as owning a trowel doesn't make one a mason, possessing an infrared camera doesn't automatically qualify someone as a thermographer.

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